What Can We Do?

Jesus tells us to go and spread the His word throughout the world.    It may not be possible for everyone to be able to leave their lives and go spread the word of God to places around the world. 

With the blessings of technology that God has given us we are now able to spread the word of God from home.  There is a number of ways that you can spread the word from your local congregation to the world.

Church Website:

A website for your church allows people in your neighborhood to see when you have church services and what your church is all about.  Most people who are debating about coming to a church would rather find out on their own the church times and what the church is about before attending for the first time.  If your church has a website then potential visitors can find out about the church through the website and then know what to expect when they arrive.

Church Facebook Page:

Facebook is a huge part of promoting your church by simply having information about when you meet for services and where you are located.  You can also have

videos posted of your sermons as well as stream live to people all over the world.

Streaming Church Service Live:

There are a number of free ways to start streaming your church services live to people all over the world.  It is amazing how fast the word of God travels when you use something as widely used as Facebook and YouTube.

If you would like assistance getting any of these above things started please feel free to contact me Benjamin Reim by emailing me at resurrectionlutherancalgary@gmail.com  and I will help you get what ever you need to get started spreading the wonderful word of God around the world.