Live Streaming Church Service Directory

Below you will find CLC congregations that stream the weekly worship service live so that you can watch the service as it is happening and worship with other members at the same time.   You can search by time zone by clicking on the time zone you want to search. 

There are a number of different ways that our congregations stream their services.  So in the graph below you will find a link to the streaming program that they church uses.  If it is Facebook you will see Personal Facebook or Church Facebook.  If it is personal facebook that means that a member of the congregation uses their personal facebook  to stream the service.  If it is Church facebook that means that the church has their own facebook page specifically for the church that they stream the service from.

If you would like to find out how to start teaming your church's services or if you already do and are not on the list let me know by going to the What Can I Do page.

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