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The words of God can give us comfort and support when we need it most.  His word can also help us know what his will would be in different situations we may come across.   So it is essential for us to hear his word even if we are not able to go to church regularly.  Below you will find various methods of listening to God's word.


We use Facebook to stream our church services live.    You can join us for our upcoming Lenten evening services every Wednesday night starting at 7 pm.   After the service is over the video is saved on to our facebook page for you to view later.   Note because of copyright issues we will not be keeping the full service.  It will be replaced with a video recording of just the Sermon.    May the Lord bless your worship where ever you may be.

We store our recorded videos of our weekly sermons on both facebook and youtube.  So if you do not have a facebook account, you can still watch our sermons.

The sermon only videos will probably be posted the next day following the service recording date.

Another way you can listen to the weekly sermons is through a podcast.  We post all of our weekly sermons as a podcast so you can download them to your mobile device and listen to them on the go.  You can download our podcasts from places like Spotify, Itunes, radio public and more.  Click the link to download or listen to our podcasts today.

We also offer our sermons in a printable form so if you would like to read the sermon or follow along as you use one of the above methods to listen to the sermon.

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